The next leap forward in digital PCR.

Nio™+ is a versatile, all-in-one, fit-for-throughput, digital PCR instrument with unparalleled user-friendliness. It is easy to use, fast and highly automated. It also features some of the best hardware and software we have built.

The technology, known as Crystal Digital PCR™, partitions samples into a large array of thousands of individual droplet crystals – each its own reaction compartment – before amplifying nucleic acid molecules in each droplet crystal. These reactions are tagged with fluorophores to be read using up to seven different fluorescence light channels.

Processing hundreds of samples a day? Running highly multiplexed experiments? Doing both? Nio™+ supports labs regardless of size, and has your use cases covered.

Quantify 4x more targets in a single assay

Introducing Long-Shift Red

The Nio™+ system provides the technology to read up to seven fluorescent signatures in one well. This allows the development of assays to detect and individually quantify up to 28 targets simultaneously, saving you both time and precious sample.

The Nio™+ is the only dPCR system to feature 7 colors.

Quality controls right on the instrument

Away with the black box

Nio™ Analyser software provides intuitive visuals for image analysis, allowing thorough exploration of Droplet Crystals for quality control. Nio™ Analyser software measures the concentrations of targeted nucleic acids, providing automatic identification of positive and negative droplets for all fluorescence channels.

Along with the ability to read data arranged along 1D, 2D, and 3D dot plots, the Nio™+ system software will give access to raw data to export all experiment details and results.

A system that works like your lab works

Continuous loading. 768 chambers per day.

Laboratory work is not easy to schedule. Nio™+ allows you to add up to 8 Chip Plates whenever you want, whether the instrument is running an experiment or not. Your team can prepare experiments on the machine as it is running, or in serenity on any PC in the lab office.

This supports a high-throughput capacity of over 768 chambers processed per 8-hour workday.


Supports your high throughput workflow

Our Ruby Chip Plates work much like standard SBS plates. They hold 48 samples, are distanced at 9mm to suit your multichannel pipette, and work nicely with your existing Hamilton, Tecan, Opentrons or other similar liquid handling machinery.

Manually pipetting? We have designed a simple tool that pierces the aluminium seal easily.


Just press play.

No messing around with oils, no transferring plates, no nothing. You add sample & mix to the Chip Plates, insert them and press play.

Nio™+ is the smallest all-in-one digital PCR instrument at its capacity. With a footprint of just 56cm by 67cm, it can fit in even the smallest lab.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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To learn more about the the Nio™+ system and applications for digital PCR, visitor our Digital PCR Learning Center.